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Midoricon’s mission is to inspire our attendees to be heroes.

We truly believe there is hero potential in you and can't wait to see it. Opportunities for bravery abound, inspired by fandoms you love: chilling events, competitive adventures, new things to learn or teach, even taking the chance to talk to new folks - everybody has their own level of experience to grow, and we’re here for you.

We want you to feel like you belong, to believe you have untold power inside you, and to uniquely enjoy some of your fandoms. We want everyone who participates in Midoricon to realize that they have the ability to change their own world and do things they’ve never done before. We’ll even provide you with fun, eco-friendly ways to really help save the planet.


We want you to make friends.

Our world is better enjoyed together. No matter what fandom you enjoy, there are connections to be made, super teams to be built, and good times to share. You’ll get out of any convention what you put into it, but we hope to make it easier than most to participate in unique experiences with others. We try to put on events that involve a lot of people playing at once - Live Action Mario Kart is much more than a few people racing each other, for instance - and we prefer to host boardgames instead of video games because of the interaction you get with others when playing face to face. One of Midoricon’s goals is to make connections - to our environment, passions for fandom, and to each other.

In fact, the guests that you’ll see us bringing in are those that are willing to interact personally with our attendees or are up-and-coming talents that we want to support and share with you. We strive to find down to earth talent that loves being at our convention as much as the rest of us do. As artists and performers ourselves, we find kinship in a lot of the guests we build relationships with and we hope that you do too.


We want you to show off your powers.

Midoricon loves supporting your creative talents. Are you an artist with skills to share? We’d love to see you work - submit a workshop panel and sell your wares! Do you have musical prowess? Fill our grounds with your instrumental skills - send us an audition track or video! Perhaps you love to perform? We have places for you to do so. Join Midoricon’s Fire Nation if you’re an accomplished fire spinner, show off your martial arts talent and train others in our Dojo, or bring your finest illusionary tricks. Aerial acrobatics? Flash mobs? Dance teams? Drum circles? Independent action/space drama? Our minds are as open as yours are.


Our events are tailored as live action versions of some of your favorite fandoms.

In our opinion, heroes live and learn. We love coming up with ways to take some of the situations that your favorite heroes find themselves and putting you in them instead. Well, they’re a little bit safer, but mostly the same situation, nonetheless. Live Action Mario Kart puts you at the wheel of a pedal-kart with items from the game to use on your opponents. Pokemon Snap will put you in Todd’s ZERO-ONE and wheel you around our Pokepark to get the very best Pokemon pictures. Midoricon’s Pokemon League offers Pokemon Geocatch’em All participants the ability to battle Kanto’s gym leaders for limited edition pokemon badges. Our Slenderman Hike will mystify and terrify you under the light of the moon. And that’s just us getting started.

If you have an idea for an interactive event of your own, submit it in a panel! We’re always willing to collaborate with creative and ambitious folks.


Our atmosphere is relaxing and inviting.

Midoricon has all of the typical convention facilities that indoor conventions boast - indoor panels, an artist alley, a vendor’s room, bathrooms, all of that fun stuff -  but we also have the benefit of the clean, sandy beach off of Lake Erie, the lush state park forest, wide open fields and plains, and a LOT of space to work with. If you’re tired of being crammed into a convention hall, sweating, tired and trying to find a spot to rest, at Midoricon it’s as easy as stepping outside.

Our otaku-exclusive beach party hosts events like Dragonball Volleyball and Team Fortress 2: Balloon Brawl. The hiking paths are perfect places to explore and recharge. There’s even a silent haven by the lake if you need some time to yourself. Since safety is one of our top priorities, convention staff and volunteers are always nearby if you have any questions and the State Park Rangers are peacekeepers extraordinaire. By creating areas like our Con Respawn room and offering panels including meditation and yoga practices, we hope to provide more of a vacation than the conventional con-going experience, as well. We work hard to maintain a friendly and open environment, working with the natural calm that nature provides.


Our eco-friendly practices help save our planet.

State parks have always been our venue of choice. This is no accident, my friends! Not only have Ohio’s state parks offered us beautiful photoshoot spots and soothing atmospheres, they allow us to support the preservation of state forests, work with ecologically friendly resorts, and make things a little cheaper for you as an attendee. We recycle any of our paper products that remain from our previous years or upcycle them into some of our decor for events.

Midoricon’s Origins

The path to Midoricon’s realization wasn’t easy. In December of 2011, Rini lost her father to a sudden heart attack and Shannon’s grandfather passed away two weeks later. Both grief-stricken, they decided life was short and they wanted to do something that made a difference in the world, and had to do it immediately. Ideally, it would be something where people could come and make lasting friendships, celebrate things that they love together, and benefited the planet to some degree. Midoricon was their answer.

Their combined strengths and passions were a great fit: Rini is an eclectic visionary that loves bright adventures, Miyazaki films, and video games. Shannon is an organizational mastermind that loves cosplay, the lolita scene, and Japanese horror. Both have passions for art, music, and fart jokes. Clearly a winning match.

Within the following months, they drew up the convention’s goals and structure, found a venue that fit their mission, built a website, and filed for their business in April of 2012, funding the venture with insurance money from Rini’s father’s death. For the rest of the year they worked diligently alongside their jobs to draw attendees, volunteers, panelists, and guests that agreed with their vision.

On the first weekend of September in 2012, Midoricon came alive. Seeing their dream become a reality has inspired Shannon and Rini to provide a bigger and better experience for attendees each and every year.


Why “Midori” Con?

"Midori" means green. We named it that for a lot of reasons: we're environmentally friendly and work with hotels that are as well, we host it in areas that support state parks, we host events indoors and outdoors (so you actually get to be amongst the literal greenery), and we believe green to be the color of growth and prosperity.

We have a vision for Midoricon to bring new life and events to the convention scene, facilitate blossoming friendships, and be an overall creative and safe place to enjoy whatever fandoms you like. Green inspires us to "get up and go", and we're hoping it does for many others who agree with us and want to have fun in the future.

Maumee Bay State Park Lodge

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