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CTGraphy's Profile

CT has been Midoricon's staff photographer from the very beginning! She is also head of Press Relations for our convention, and we feel blessed to have her talent, good humor and reliability on our side. From her website:

I am a madwoman. Just wanted to make that clear. My home is Columbus, Ohio. It's a great city - good food (home of Jeni's ice cream, whoo!) and LOTS of interesting places to explore. I am an unapologetic, absolute, 100% nerd. When I get excited, I get loud. Way loud. And I get very, VERY excited about my favorite things. What can I say?  Costumes, cartoons, and Star Wars are just too fun to give up! Ever since I was a little kid in pigtails and dinosaur t-shirts, I wanted to grow up and be a story teller. I devoured books and filled enough sketchpads to start my own library. I don't draw as much now, but I think six-year-old me would still be pleased!


Photoshoot Pricing:

Group Size
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30 minutes



45 minutes



45 minutes



45 minutes



45 minutes


6 - 14

1 hour and 15 minutes

$20 per person

15 +

2 hours (4 slots)

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