Live-Action Mario Kart Racing

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You read that right! At Midoricon 2015, you won't be racing behind the safety of a simulated console. You will be the one behind the wheel, racing your opponent as you narrowly dodge banana peels and violent shells! Of course by “violent” we mean “water balloon” and by “peels” we mean “people”. We’ll let you guys think that through.

Anyone is welcome to test their prowess on the racing track! These pedal-powered karts are modelled as perfect replicas of the Mario Kart Wii Standard Kart, and you'll even be suited up in a cosplay to match! You'll be cruising through a course filled with all those classic obstacles to keep you from making it to the finish line first!

Wait, pedal powered? That’s right! Like a bike and a kart did the fusion dance. Or had a baby. Whatever gets you there faster.

On the track there are ‘?’ boxes with items inside that you can scoop out and use to thwart the other racer’s speed. For example:

Green Shells: Green water balloons

Red Shells: Icy cold, red water balloons

Bananas: Inflatable bananas that spawn large ones on the track to block your opponent

Get the idea? The races will be held in a tiered tournament-like fashion, pitting the winners against each other in each raising tier until the final race to determine who wins this year’s Midori Cup! Yes, there is an actual trophy and prizes for the winner of the race!

What can you do to up your chances of winning? Well, aside from getting those pedal-legs in shape and primed to race for this coming September, you can build your own kart to enter in the races if you so choose. Much like a downhill derby, we encourage you racers to build karts to suit your own individual needs. As long as your kart is pedal powered, driven by one person, and has four wheels (and can’t hurt anyone), it’s legal in our book. You can make them adjusted to your weight and height, as well as aerodynamically sound to get the speed you need to win. The Mario Karts that we’re providing are adjustable to some extent, but they are a standard kart built for everyone’s use - a kart of your own that you’re comfortable driving could make the difference between victory and defeat. Plus, you can put flames on it or something. Flames are cool.

Maximum riding capacity for our karts is 300 lbs, so Donkey Kongs and Bowsers may be out of luck without their own custom creation. 

Cosplay & Masquerade

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Cosplay is the visual highlight of every anime convention, and Midoricon’s no exception! In fact, our scenic surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for some pretty epic photos. With sandy beach shores, lakes, endless hiking trails, damp caves, and strikingly nautical architecture, this is one weekend you’ll want to bring along your finest craftmanship.

Cosplay Conditions:

Although our location makes it a little too easy to indulge in fantasy (and we encourage this!), there are some safety regulations all cosplayers must adhere to.

  1. Let’s keep all cosplay props/weapons either handcrafted, and/or totally harmless to you and surrounding attendees. You know the drill. All weapon props must be approved by Weapon Check. No real knives, firearms, whips, chains, leashes. Airsoft projectile weapons MUST be kept for outside use only, and will be prohibited indoors.
  2. There may be children present. We do not want to be responsible for any child’s therapy. Midoricon may not be the ideal time or place for mom or dad to explain to them where they came from. In short, no public nudity, frolicking of Dionysian proportions, or serious public displays of in (or out) of character affection. Light fanservice? Totally okay.
  3. We encourage cosplay of ALL kinds, from all anime, games, fandoms, references to pop culture. Original concepts? Bring it. The only conditions we have in this regard is when participating in our Masquerade.
  4. If anything is found seriously offensive, dangerous, or otherwise in violation of our cosplay conditions, you will be asked to remove it. In the privacy of your own room. We have final say, and we ask you to respect that. Information on our Masquerade event can be found here!

Saturday Night Masquerade

Our Masquerade will be taking place in the ballroom on Saturday evening. The event will include brief walk-on performances, skits, and some additional entertainment as well! All attendees are encouraged to watch the Masquerade, and we very much recommend cosplayers of all ages and skill ranges to perform.


Those planning on entering the craftsmanship competition may submit their entries online in advance, or at cosplay registration. Costumes must depict fictional characters (from anime, manga, video games, etc.) or recognizable cultural icons (j-rockers, EGL, etc.) of Japanese or East-Asian origin. We do also allow participants to compete from a wide array of not-so-Japanese sources, such as Disney and Marvel/DC comics. To claim a walk-on slot at the convention, you will find Masquerade Registration located on the top floor of the lodge, in the boardroom. You are free to sign up at any time before 12:30 PM on Saturday.

You will be fairly judged on your level of craftsmanship within your talent bracket. The criteria for all prospective brackets are as follows:

  • Youth - Entrants aged 12 or younger are eligible to enter our youth category. To qualify, the child must be responsible for 50% or more of his/her cosplay creation. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to accompany children to their judging appointment to ensure their safety and punctuality. A parent/guardian of any child aged 8 or younger must accompany them onstage at all times.
  • Novice - Competitors who have won 1 or no awards are eligible to compete in the Novice category. You must be responsible for constructing 75% or more of your entire cosplay.
  • Journeyman - Competitors who have won 2-5 awards are eligible to compete in the Journeymancategory. You must be responsible for constructing 80% or more of your entire cosplay.
  • Master - Competitors who have won 6 or more awards are eligible to compete in the Master category. You must be responsible for constructing 80% or more of your entire cosplay.

Those planning on submitting their entry within a group of two or more must determine who within the group has the highest bracket level, and enter on that basis. For instance, if your group has one Novice, two Journeymen and one Master, your entire group qualifies in the Master category.

After your submission has been received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail including your judging time slot. Judging will take place on Saturday, tentatively between the hours of 10 AM - 12:30 PM. Upon submitting your entry, please alert us of any scheduling conflicts that may arise. If you are hosting an event or panel, inform us so we can try to accommodate you, but there are no guarantees. The earlier you register, the better. Your judging slot should be your first scheduling priority, however, as it’s merely a 3 minute span of time and punctuality is absolutely imperative to us, and to you. Our judges will significantly subtract from your score if you arrive late to your allotted time.

Please present our judges with a detailed photograph of the character in the outfit you are depicting, and be prepared to answer questions about the construction of various aspects of your craftsmanship by some highly experienced judges. They will know very well of the authenticity of your work, and of your experience crafting it. It should be noted that if you are not solely responsible for constructing most, if not all of your costume, you will be disqualified from the Masquerade, and surrounding conventions will be notified of your dishonesty.


To register your skit, it is highly recommended you do so in advance to assure your group a spot. You and everyone in your performance group must register for badges before submitting an entry. There are 12 performance slots open, and these slots are first come first serve, so we suggest you keep an eye out on pre-registration and get to it asap!

You will have 4 minutes max to perform your skit. Your group will be disqualified if 5 minutes are exceeded, so it is crucial that you arrange plenty of practice time to prevent this morbid possibility! If you plan on having any musical accompaniment, the audio must be arranged on a CD. We cannot support MP3 files.

If you choose to perform a skit, you will automatically be eligible to win our best in show award. However, craftsmanship judging for skit entrants is optional. If your skit consists of cosplays you have purchased or commissioned, you are still more than welcome to perform, but you will not be allotted a judging slot. Specify whether or not you would like to include craftsmanship judging in your submission below.

For performers, there will be a mandatory Masquerade dress rehearsal - exact time TBA. Please arrive on time so we can quickly and efficiently proceed through our rundown with you. If you arrive over 20 minutes late, your group will be disqualified. No exceptions. You will have one chance to practice your skit while we review it. We reserve the right to remove you from our program if we find you guilty of violating any rules.

Any of the following will be prohibited from your skit’s content:

  • Spoilers.
  • Seriously vulgar or crude language.
  • Concepts you wouldn’t be comfortable explaining to your 10 year old nephew, unless these concepts are cleverly and obscurely orchestrated enough that he wouldn’t know to ask any questions!
  • The flashing of any external reproductive organs.

Online submissions have closed! But don't worry, we have more slots available, and you're free to sign up at the convention! Just head to the Information Desk!

Beach Party

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Aah, crashing waves, sunlit shores, gorgeous anime babes in bikinis … In the middle of Ohio? You may think it impossible - not so! Maumee Bay’s inland beach (mere yards from the Lake Erie shoreline) boasts some crystal clear water framed by sandy shores so blissfully tropical that if you didn’t know any better, you might be in your favorite anime’s beach filler episode. Surrounded by your favorite anime characters in suitable swimwear, friends, fun events and good food, this is a party you and your friends won't want to miss!

The beach is located within comfortable walking distance from the lodge, so no need to worry about transportation! We'll also be hosting beach parties on both Friday and Saturday afternoons this year, but you're free to wander out and enjoy the waves any hour!



It's back again this year! For those who haven't played, it's sort of like a pinata, but a lot messier. We've all seen it in anime: a group of friends out on the beach, bludgeoning a watermelon with blindfolds. But what does it mean? Well, we're still trying to figure that bit out. Aside from the sheer brutal fun of blindly smashing and eating a juicy melon on the beach, we haven't come up with much. But do you honestly need much more convincing? Come try for yourself! Free watermelon for all!


Be sure to wear your swimsuit for this one! In this game, we'll have three teams consisting of two partners - a Pokemon trainer, and a starter Pokemon (choose from Pikachu, Charmander or Bulbasaur). Each Pokemon will be given a bucket full of water balloons (or Pokeballs). The objective will be for the Pokemon to quickly toss Pokeballs to its respective trainer, who must catch 'em all - and to hold onto as many as they catch! Be careful not to drop them, or to squeeze too hard - any broken balloons will count against your team.

The trainer who has kept the most water balloons in tact by the end is the best, the best there ever was. We'll be taking sign-ups at both beach parties, and we'll fit in as many rounds as time permits!


We're excited to announce our weekend-long TF2 themed tournament - the Balloon Brawl! And yes, the fabulous prize is a 3", life-size inflatale pink Balloonicorn straight out of Pyroland! Take him for a swim, then take him home, where he will remain your eternal floating companion.

The game will consist of eight players, separated into two teams of four (RED and BLU, naturally). BLU will consist of a Heavy, Medic, Spy and Engineer, while RED consists of a Scout, Pyro, Sniper and Soldier. You'll get a white t-shirt with a red or a blue patch identifying your team and class. Be sure to get a thorough look at your teammates - it can be difficult to discern from a distance who's RED or BLU, and you don't want to take out anybody on your team!

Next, grab your ammo!

Your ammo consists of "water grenades" - okay, water balloons. That's it. But they do hold special properties: colored water (note: the dye is guaranteed to wash right out and it won't stain whatever else you're wearing - only the t-shirt temporarily). If you're hit, good luck hiding it! You're out, and must return to home base. Do also take care not to take more water balloons with you than you can properly carry. If you bust one you're holding and stain your shirt - out. And you don't want to have too much difficulty moving should an enemy catch you off-guard.

However, as you begin to run out of ammo, you'll have to head to home base to snatch more up - without getting ambushed!

The last man standing will move on to the second and final round, set to take place at Saturday's beach party. We will be playing 8 rounds total of our TF2 Balloon Brawl competitively, consisting of 64 total players, so it's best to sign up early at Con-Ops (where you'll find weapon check and masquerade sign ups)! If we have any remaining space, we'll also take sign ups at the beach party!

Beach Rave

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You heard it right - a rave on the sandy shores of Maumee Bay's inland beach, and this year, with a theme! That's right, it's a showdown between Pirates and Lost Boys at Midoricon's own Neverland Rave!

More information soon to come!

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