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Here's the place where we gather 'round the ole campfire and tell scaaaaary stories. Bring some of your favorite creepypastas to share and have your fellow Midorians shivering in fright! Who knows, the fabled Slenderman may even show up!

If scaring isn't for you, snag a guitar (or your best friend's guitar, or your best friend and the guitar that he plays, you get the idea) and strum some of your favorite anime and video game songs. Sailor Moon sing-along under the stars, roast some weenies (heyoooo!), and stuff yourself full of s'mores each night of the convention. There's no better place to meet and chat with your otaku buddies than under a canopy of stars and in front of a dancing flame. Your own anime adventure is just waiting to unfold.

Maumee Bay State Park Lodge

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