Live-Action Mario Kart Racing

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You read that right! At Midoricon 2015, you won't be racing behind the safety of a simulated console. You will be the one behind the wheel, racing your opponent as you narrowly dodge banana peels and violent shells! Of course by “violent” we mean “water balloon” and by “peels” we mean “people”. We’ll let you guys think that through.

Anyone is welcome to test their prowess on the racing track! These pedal-powered karts are modelled as perfect replicas of the Mario Kart Wii Standard Kart, and you'll even be suited up in a cosplay to match! You'll be cruising through a course filled with all those classic obstacles to keep you from making it to the finish line first!

Wait, pedal powered? That’s right! Like a bike and a kart did the fusion dance. Or had a baby. Whatever gets you there faster.

On the track there are ‘?’ boxes with items inside that you can scoop out and use to thwart the other racer’s speed. For example:

Green Shells: Green water balloons

Red Shells: Icy cold, red water balloons

Bananas: Inflatable bananas that spawn large ones on the track to block your opponent

Get the idea? The races will be held in a tiered tournament-like fashion, pitting the winners against each other in each raising tier until the final race to determine who wins this year’s Midori Cup! Yes, there is an actual trophy and prizes for the winner of the race!

What can you do to up your chances of winning? Well, aside from getting those pedal-legs in shape and primed to race for this coming September, you can build your own kart to enter in the races if you so choose. Much like a downhill derby, we encourage you racers to build karts to suit your own individual needs. As long as your kart is pedal powered, driven by one person, and has four wheels (and can’t hurt anyone), it’s legal in our book. You can make them adjusted to your weight and height, as well as aerodynamically sound to get the speed you need to win. The Mario Karts that we’re providing are adjustable to some extent, but they are a standard kart built for everyone’s use - a kart of your own that you’re comfortable driving could make the difference between victory and defeat. Plus, you can put flames on it or something. Flames are cool.

Maximum riding capacity for our karts is 300 lbs, so Donkey Kongs and Bowsers may be out of luck without their own custom creation. 

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