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Inspired by Midoricon’s very own Cosplay ‘Em All event, we are excited to announce the addition of our Mega Group Cosplay Contest! Like our Masquerade, the competitors will use their resourcefulness and skill to bring their favorite fictional characters to life. The more, the merrier - in fact, the whole objective is to fill as many roles with as much accuracy as possible!

How to Compete:

Ideally, you’ll want to choose a very iconic cast from an anime, comic, cartoon, film franchise, book series, etc. Super heroes and villains work tremendously, like Avengers, X-Men or the Batman universe, as do series with many characters like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Disney Princesses/Villains, Steven Universe, or Miyazaki, to name just a few. Next, get all of your friends to pick a character to fill as many roles as possible!

The judging criteria, as outlined below, will not rely heavily on technical skill. You can purchase or commission your cosplays to compete, or you can even get resourceful and compile your cosplays from thrift stores! You’ll certainly stand out from the competition if your cosplay is as accurate to the character you have chosen as possible, but a vibrant, large group with many recognizable characters, with each cosplayer emulating little behavioral quirks, will also be as highly considered for the ultimate prize. A combination of both of these strengths is what we’re looking for, but we encourage everyone to try!

A small skit is not necessary, but it will increase your chances of winning! A skit is a great way to show our judges your commitment, to highlight each individual character within the group, and to evaluate your dynamic as a group. You can simply play some music and break out some dance moves, or engage the audience in a brief, humorous, or even tragic scene. The skit will be a very small part of the overall judging process, but it will help you make an impact. Skits may be no longer than 5 minutes.

As the contest will take place on the outdoor amphitheater on Saturday, please be sure to wear appropriate footwear when coming to the site. There is a small backstage area for exchanging footwear, or any part of your costume that may drag and collect dirt on the way. Also be sure to keep all content G-rated, or you will be disqualified. No foul language, no nudity - you know the drill!

Each competitor must be a registered member of Midoricon and must present their badge before being admitted to the contest.

Yes, you may also enter the Masquerade, as this will not interfere with Masquerade hours. Same goes for the Pokemon Cosplay ‘Em All event, which is on Friday! Just specify what you will be participating in on the form below so we can plan accordingly.

Judging Criteria:

While we cannot share our point system, we will rank what will impact your overall score from most to least:

  1. Quantity: This is the most important factor! While the opposite is true for the Masquerade, for this contest, the quantity ranks higher than the quality. This is a very fun, laid back contest, and like all aspects of Midoricon, our goal is to bring people together - and what better way than through cosplay, or rather, a HUGE group cosplay? This is why it’s important to pick a big series with a large cast of characters - you want to build the biggest group you can handle!

  2. Accuracy: Sort of like skill, but not necessarily technical skill. Hunting down your cosplay on the internet can be a specific sort of skill, you know, and it will be honored here. What’s most important is that you emulate your character - resemble them to the best of your ability (no, you don’t need Thor’s biceps and skin color is irrelevant here). Put in effort and time to look and act like your character, no matter who you are, no matter how different your backgrounds or daily lives may be! It’s your love for that character that matters. Your effort will be noticed!

  3. Group Dynamic: This is the most magical part. Your group’s energy is very important. How do you interact with one another? Do all of you accurately portray the attitudes and feelings your characters exchange for each other?

  4. Skit: It’s lowest on the totem pole here for a reason, folks! Don’t cave under the pressure, all we want is to get a chance to notice each individual cosplayer. Your skit doesn’t have to blast us off our seats and into the sky (like a certain pair of villains we all know).

What You’ll All Win:

A professional photoshoot with one of our photographers, and a personal, exclusive Pizza Party for your whole group to enjoy! More details on this soon to come, as we don’t want to give too much away just yet, but we have some surprises in store!

2016 Mega Group Cosplay Form

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