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Want a chance to maneuver the ZERO-ONE and take your own camera on an adventure to capture Pokémon behind the lens? At Midoricon, we've got an outdoor trail suitable for spotting lurking Pokémon, and if you're lucky, you might even take home a prize for your capture! If you've never played Pokémon Snap before, don't worry - anyone can play, and the event is suitable for all ages (and photography skill levels!)

Everyone who participates is welcome to take part in a photo contest, and will be rewarded for best photo! This is optional, of course, but encouraged as you might get to take home a prize!

Would you like to participate as a Pokémon? Don't worry, there'll still be time for you to board the ZERO-ONE and play, but you'll get to participate on an even greater scale as a Pokémon! Be sure to sign up for our Cosplay 'Em All! event, too!

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A goal of ours is to fill the grounds with each and every individual type of Pokémon out there - but we need your help. Cosplay 'Em All is our effort to build the largest Pokémon cospay group ever. To participate, search available Pokémon by their Pokédex number below. If the Pokémon you want to cosplay is already taken, it'll be indicated with italicized strikethru text, so take advantage of the others available! We'd prefer to be as versatile as possible to bring every Pokémon we can to life!

Cosplay 'Em All! Stipulations -

  • You are welcome to sign up and cosplay a Pokémon that has already been taken - however, we definitely encourage you to branch out and try and fill the shoes of another available favorite! Remember that this is a cosplay group, just on a much larger scale. But we can't deny that the more truly is the merrier!
  • This is a gijinka-style cosplay, so please do include ears and/or a tail, if this is applicable to the Pokémon you've chosen.
  • We discourage you from crossover or themed Pokémon cosplays (no Steampunk Bulbasaur, Post-Apoc Pikachu, etc. - sorry!) Stay as true to canon as you can.
  • Be sure to keep it clean, folks! Don't show too much skin. Use your best judgement here.
  • Closer to the date, we will post meet-up and photoshoot times, but as of now, we won't be able to tell you which times/dates to prepare your cosplay for.
  • If you choose to participate, we ask that you also clear some weekend availability to play a significant role in our Live Pokémon Snap! For this event, YOU will be among the elusive Pokémon making an occasional appearance for players to snap pictures of. Their objective is to take the best picture as the wheels of their ZERO-ONE - yours will be to help them (just don't make it too easy...!) And don't worry, you'll still have more than enough time to step out of Pokémon duty and get behind the camera, too - we just need your help to keep an eclectic group of Pokémon out in the fields!
  • We advise you to wear comfortable shoes with your cosplay. 

There will also be an official photoshoot and several meet-ups throughout the weekend. It's a great chance to be apart of something really big for our short weekend - so be sure to sign up with the form at the very bottom of the page to get involved, and we'll add your Pokémon below as submissions come in so they will not be duplicated. Let's cosplay 'em all!

Be sure to join our official Facebook group to meet your fellow gijinkas!

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