Kanto Gym Leader Challenge


Midoricon’s own Pokemon League is here for the challenging! Here's where Pokemon Geocatch'em pays off.

If you’re looking to be the very best (like no one ever was), here’s your chance to show off your skills in our Pokemon gym. We have the eight original Kanto gym leaders ready to battle with those of you who collect Pokemon in our Pokemon Geocatch’em All event. Only a lucky few will be able to battle the gym leaders at all - much like the Pokemon League itself, our gym leaders have requirements in order for you to challenge them: a certain number of collected Pokemon (that will be announced at the convention) and first come first served.

Be warned that the gym is as changing as a Ditto’s form; a gym leader has a certain amount of time they are in the gym, and then their gym disappears - i.e.: after Brock's time is over on the schedule, the Pewter City Gym is gone for the weekend and Misty comes with the Cerulean Gym. Collect those Pokemon like a true master and make your way to the gym as soon as it appears!

These battles are aimed at being MUCH more visually stimulating than battles between trainers - prepare your voice for battle commands and dynamic posing. Winners of the gym leader battles will get a beautiful, limited edition, artisan Pokemon badge from our sponsors at Lock & Key Jewelry from the respective gym they defeated. These badges are the real deal, made of the like of enameled metal, cast glass, and more. Victory has never felt, or looked, so good.


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