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For all of you aspiring Pokemon trainers out there, consider this the day you turn ten!

In this event, anyone who wishes can become a Pokemon trainer for the weekend! Using devices the hotel provides, your own smart phone - or even your inborn prowess and eyes alone - you can hunt throughout Midoricon’s personal Pokepark and catch, keep, and battle for your own Pokemon.

Pokemon Geocatch'em is a combination of geocaching, hunting, battle challenging, and rescue missions. Midoricon has released a horde of Pokemon onto Maumee Bay grounds, turning it into our own Safari Zone. Whether you or Team Rocket collect the most Pokemon over the weekend is up to your skills!

As mentioned, there are a variety of ways that Pokemon populate Midoricon. Let our Pokemon Professors show you the way:

Geocaching: A real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Geocaching takes place all across the globe, and we’ve added some Pokemon into the mix. Each Pokemon has made their nest at coordinates that are either given to you by Pokemon Professors that have found them or in clues to be deciphered depending on the rarity and difficulty of the nest’s location.
If you take something from one of the geocache nests, leave a Pokemon of your own, and write about your find in the Pokemon Professor’s cache logbook that you’ll find with the nest.

A Hunt through the Tall Grass: Not all wild Pokemon nests have been found and catalogued by Pokemon Professors. Sometimes you have to follow the signs to a wild nest; Pokemon footprints, feathers, fur, little roars or squeaks around the area can signal that a wild Pokemon nest is nearby. Some crafty Team Rocket members even have maps to the nests that they’ve found….

Battle Challenging: If you’ve found six or more Pokemon, you’re eligible for trainer versus trainer Pokemon battles. Head to a designated battle spot to challenge your opponent with the Pokemon you’ve found. An official from our Midori Pokemon League will officiate your battle and declare the winner. The winner gets to keep one of the opposing trainer’s Pokemon. (Rules for battling will be up soon!)

Not a fighter? Don’t worry! Unlike the Pokemon game, you don’t have to accept another trainer’s battle challenge. Trainers are encouraged to collect Pokemon in the manner they’re comfortable.

Rescue Missions: Team Rocket is up to their mischief again! They will be wandering around Midoricon's grounds, collecting Pokemon to bring back to their boss by any means necessary. It's up to you to rescue the poor Pokemon in their possession. If you see Team Rocket, challenge them for Pokemon before they blast off again. Each Team Rocket member is different, so expect different nefarious tricks and challenges from them!

Before heading out into the world of Pokemon, feel free to come to the introductory panel to introduce you trainers to the lay of the land, show you examples of what Pokemon you’ll be finding, and help you use your geocaching GPS ability for the first find (if you’re not familiar with geocaching, of course!). There will be a few prize giveaways (what sort of Pokemon Professor doesn’t give away starting Pokemon?) as well! After being given a guide with clues to find Pokemon nests, all of you trainers will be sent out into the Midoricon Pokepark to find and catch all that you can! Watch out for Pokemon trainer items along the way; you never know what they might be useful for...

Pokemon Geocatch’em lasts all weekend and may be participated in even if a trainer misses the introductory panel. There will be a concluding panel to show off the Pokemon you’ve caught, as well as additional prizes, congratulations, and surprises.

Any Pokemon you have at the end of the con, you keep. That's right, they're yours forever to keep, trade, battle challenge, or re-release into the wild. All of our Pokemon have been genetically engineered by the finest crafters (they are any Pokemon from little figurines and plushies to one-of-a-kind professional art sculptures!), so hunt hard and catch quickly before they're all gone! Those legendary ones are going to be the hardest to snatch!

In addition to the real life aspect of this event, for those of you who have Pokemon X or Y, we have Pokebreeders who will be giving out free Pokemon eggs for you to hatch and raise on your DS! At the Pokemon Geocatch’em kick-off panel, you’ll be given the opportunity to win eggs and be shown an egg symbol that will be on a flag carried by our Pokebreeders. In the field (anywhere on convention grounds) when you spot the flag, head to that person to get your free egg! What will they grow to be? Rare? Shiny? Starters? It’s up to you to find out!

Do you have what it takes to become a Pokemon Master?

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