Artist Alley Policy

General Policy: While in the Artist Alley all state, federal, and convention laws, policies, and rules are active. If any conduct is seen breaking any such, we will deal with such accordingly. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may have to deal with the law enforcement of the area.

ID Policy: All artists must have a government-issued photo ID to check into the Artist Alley, and the name on the identification must match the name the table is registered under. If valid identification is not produced, the table will be held until the Alley is closed. Accepted forms of identification include: A State Driver's License, State-Issued Identification Card, a Passport, or a Military ID. Any other forms of identification may be accepted at the discretion of the Artist Alley Director.

Age Policy: Any persons under the age of eighteen must have a legal parent / guardian sign on their behalf, and must be present when the table is checked in. Said parent / guardian will henceforth accept responsibility for any failure the under-aged person has in following convention policies and applicable laws.

Displays: Any structures brought to present artwork must be of a sound build, and must not extend more than five feet above a table. If any structure falls, seems unstable, or extends more than five feet above the table, the Artist will be asked to remove it by the Artist Alley staff. In addition, no displays should reach beyond your table space, and (In the case the display is behind your table) structures should not impede in the path of any other artists, or disrupt or slow traffic in case of emergency.

Noise: Appropriate music and voice levels must be kept in check. If your table is acting specifically disruptive to the area as determined by the Artist Alley Staff, you will be asked to lower the volume. If violation continues, artists may be asked to stop playing any music or be asked to leave the artist alley.

Photography: Photography and video recording of any kind is permitted within the Artist's Alley as long as the person being photographed / recorded has given permission. Similarly, artistic work may only be captured by camera or video recording devices with the permission of the artist.

Substance Use: Smoking or use of alcohol or drugs while in the Artist Alley will not be tolerated. Violations will result in removal from The Alley and Convention.

Behavior: No running, screaming, yelling, horseplay, or use of obscene language will be tolerated. It is expected that all artists will be courteous to the staff, each other, and other members of the convention. Any behavior deemed offensive by staff will be addressed, and could be subject to dismissal from the Alley, or even the convention, without refund.

Number of Tables: A single artist is allowed a maximum of two tables. The alley is intended to showcase a variety of works, and therefore any persons found violating the limit will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the Alley and Convention. This may also result in the artist being banned from participating in future Midoricon Conventions.

Group of Artists: All individuals working together on a single project, or group of projects are considered a single artist. As such, they will be allowed to register for a maximum of two tables to sell their art. Any artist found in violation will be removed from the Alley without exception unless permission is granted by the the Artist Alley Director prior to the convention.

Adult Materials Policy: Anime conventions have been receiving a surplus of under-age youths registering to conventions in recent years, and thus we ask that Artists take note of this. The acceptability of adult material is the the discretion of the Artist Alley Director. Any material deemed sexually explicit, extremely graphically violent, or otherwise unsuitable for children will be asked to be kept out of sight and reach of children. Such artwork must be clearly labeled as 18+ so con-goers are aware of it's content. If said material is left open, or complaints are made, the artists will be reminded of the policy once. In the case of any repeated offenses of complaints, the Artist will be removed from the Alley. If an Artist is found selling (or having sold) any Adult Material to a child, they will be immediately removed from the convention.

No-Shows: If an artist fails to check-in for their table, they will be considered a no-show. Lost tables may not be reclaimed, and neither credit, nor refund will be given for no-show tables.

Changes: Midoricon and the Artist Alley Director hold the right to add, amend, or change these policies as they see fit, without prior notice. The likelihood of this is slim, and would only be done for the betterment of the Convention and its attendees as deemed by the convention's creators.

Copyright: An artist bears all responsibility for any items bought for sale at Midoricon. If any items are found to be very similar to a licensed, copyrighted, etc. piece of art, the artist may be asked to remove it from display at the discretion of the Artist Alley Director. The Artist Alley Director's decision is final.

The following items are prohibited from sale within the Alley:

• Any work with copyrighted logos, regardless of whether or not the work is original.

• Buttons, pins, hats, or t-shirts bearing official character likenesses.If an artist has, and can produce proof of, explicit permission from the copyright holder to use, then the items will be allowed. This will be determined at the discretion of the Artist Alley Director.

• Photoshopped, traced, or copied characters in recognizable poses but with different backgrounds.

• "Knockoff" or bootleg merchandise of any kind (including but not limited to: videos recorded on blank videotapes with printed labels; homemade DVDs, pirated copies of any titles that have been released commercially in the United States, Japan, or elsewhere, titles taped off the air in Japan, and any fan-subs).

• Any posters, idol cards, etc., which read "Kodak" "Fuji", etc. on the back.

• Unlicensed reproductions of any products actually released by an American company.

• Food, snacks or beverages.

• Legally imported merchandise or legitimate US products. This includes, but is not limited to: wall scrolls, sharpies, art supplies, duct tape, glow sticks, etc.

The following items may be sold:

• Any product featuring an artist's original character.

• Commissioned and hand-drawn works made during the convention, provided that they do not violate any other rule.

• Unique, individual, hand-made items.

• Doujinshi, fanzines, and similar items.

• Fan art which clearly shows that the work is produced by the artist, rather than by the license holder.

All Artists who have paid also must adhere to all convention policies, which can be found here: 

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