2016 Guests

Tea Time With Deadpool


A party-heavy rapping time traveler. An anal-retentive boy scout with a subtle wild streak. A wrestling wisecracking psychopath with a penchant for adult-rated humor and insulting people he shouldn’t. What do you get when you put them into a room with hundreds of seats, a couple of microphones and a projector? Nothing G-Rated. But more importantly: TEA TIME WITH DEADPOOL.

Amid a sea of Marvel hero cohorts, the Tea Time TEAm brings you the wiliest uncensored comedy, nerd news, gaming and movie updates, live action game shows, sing-a-longs to the greatest tunes in the universe (Queen, duh) and most inappropriate humor to ever not be printed on a convention promotional bio (like this one)! From main eventing conventions all over the Midwest region to chilling with Stan “The Man” Lee, being kicked out of everywhere else, and finally landing at Midoricon, take time out of your busy weekend and all the photoshoots and events to come check out the hypest panel you should probably see more of than you would like, but less than you would hope: Tea Time With Deadpool!

Ghost In Blue

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Ghost in Blue is a Hard Rock and Post-Grunge band who has a musical appreciation for all things J-Rock, anime, and video games! Formed in 2013, they enjoy performing for people who share the same passion for music and entertainment as they do, they enjoy long walks on the beach, fine dining, and building an exquisite rapport with their fan base. Enjoy their whimsical performances of songs from Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and some of your other favorite anime series'!

Sean Goodrich – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Thomas O’Malley – Backing Vocals/Bass

Jordan Solitro – Drums

Joe Studer – Lead Guitar

Pete Mako

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Pete Mako is an acoustic guitar playing singer-songwriter from Columbus Ohio. Playing guitar and singing since 2007. Pete’s Music is heavily influenced by songs with booming chords and powerful vocals, From such artists as Butch Walker, Scott Weiland, Bryan Adams, and Various artists from the 80’s and 90’s. Pete brings a lighter side of horror movies to his music with songs incorporating his fandom of oddities, supernatural things, monsters, video games, Anime, and stories about life. Pete is a open and honest nerd. Growing up reading comics and watching Old sci-fi shows greatly influences his music. Kirby Krackle, Jonathon Coulton, MC Front-A-Lot, and The Aquabats are huge inspirations to his "nerd-core" side of music. Songs about zombies, vampires, robots and superheroes are always fun...right?

Cosplay Foam Fighting


Cosplay Foam Fighting is a combat boffer game for conventions. The grand plan for these conventions is CFF will host large events for battles and tournaments, while also provide a merchant's table where you could purchase weapons or gear of your own.

Prepare for hand to hand combat, a Hyrule warriors style capture the flag, king of the hill, and slay the general.

CFF will forever remain a FREE event to participate. There will also be FREE loaner gear available at the battle site. CCF gear will be available in the vendor's room if you'd like to purchase gear and take the battle home with you.



Cosprovisation is the cosplay sensation sweeping the nation-- but enough with rhyming. This improv team was formed in mid 2010 and has regenerated into a new and improved form! Join the team as they perform panels designed to delight and excite the masses.No two panels are ever the same, with information and entertainment blending together into one awesome panel. Check your local listings for programming times!

Bangarang Cosplay

The immensely talented Bangarang Cosplay will be hosting and judging our masquerade, along with hosting panels! They will also provide spectacular visual entertainment and sound for our Lost Boy-themed Amphitheater Rave! 

Kazenodaichi Taiko Ensamble

Taiko is an ancient Japanese form of percussion using large drums. One of taiko's most defining aspects is it's dynamic playing style. Taiko playing is loud, hard, and fast, and involves a lot of choreographed movement which many identify with Japanese martial arts. Kazenodaichi is Bowling Green State University's Taiko Ensamble. Enjoy this soulful, traditional Japanese Taiko performance on the outdoor beachside amphitheater!

Gai Koto Jin


Gai Koto Jin ensemble plays traditional and modern koto music, as well as popular American tunes. The koto is the national instrument of Japan and is similar to a Western harp or dulcimer. The aim of our performance is to introduce an audience to this beautiful and unique instrument and to show the diversity and versatility of the koto. Gai Koto Jin is Julie A. Palmer, Jessica Entis, and Lori Fannin.

Maumee Bay State Park Lodge

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