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Panel submissions for 2016 are officially open!

The deadline for panel submissions is August 20th! However, it's important to submit as early as possible, as early submissions are given priority for any space, time or technical requests.

For all our outdoor splendor, we certainly offer all the indoor comforts and entertainment you'd find at all your favorite conventions - including panels. From flower crown workshops to sharing philosophical theories behind Neon Genesis Evangelion, our four panel rooms will offer a wide variation of programming all weekend long.

Absolutely anyone is welcome and encouraged to take the floor and share their knowledge about a particular subject. In fact, we offer full weekend compensation for panelists who offer just 4+ hours of content! Learn more about that here!

This year, due to our programming room growth, our A/V equipment is somewhat limited. Projector use with audio, as well as microphone access, will be allotted to those who sign up first. Please specify what you need, but we ask that you keep our limitations in mind upon submitting.

Submit A Panel!