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Outdoor Panel submissions for 2016 are officially open!

The deadline for panel submissions is September 1st! However, it's important to submit as early as possible, as early submissions are given priority for any space, time or technical requests.

Among many of the features that make Midoricon a unique place among the typical anime convention is our atmosphere. The natural atmosphere offers the illusion that we've stepped back in time, to another culture. A culture we all love. Midoricon is also a very resourceful convention, and we know how to make use of our space, and we do so creatively.

Maumee Bay boasts some great outdoor spaces overlooking some of the most scenic and serene sights of the region, and you can be sure that we'll be utilizing the space for some serious (and-sometimes-not) training sessions!

And you can even get a compensated badge out of the deal! Run 4+ hours of panel content and earn a free badge!

What sort of activities/workshops/demo are appropriate for the Dojo?

Honestly? Almost anything, as long as it's well-researched, organized, and fun! You don't really have to be a Sensei to pretend for a day! However, we're definitely saving some space for university clubs and formal trainers to offer some incredible demos (for instance, OSU's Wushu team has been a huge hit for the past two years), so anyone with formal training who would like to demonstrate a skill is encouraged to submit an outdoor panel.

For those who would simply like to host a game or activity, get creative! Take a classic game, keep it as is, OR give it a bit of an anime twist. We're pretty much up for anything that won't result in serious injuries, so just try us.