Panelist Compensation Policy

In order to receive one fully compensated badge, you must be approved for 4 hours total of diverse and interesting indoor programming AND outdoor/Dojo programming. You have the option of running any combination of indoor and outdoor panels. For example, if you run an hour-long indoor panel, an outdoor panel for two hours, and a second outdoor panel for one hour, you and/or your group would be eligible for one compensated badge. Conversely, if you run an indoor panel for two hours, and a second indoor panel for the same length of time, you would not earn a compensated badge because you didn't host any outdoor programming.

(For more information regarding outdoor panels, head over to the Dojo page. Outdoor panel activities range from formal martial arts demonstrations, to laid-back interactive games. We want people to get out and play, so that's what outdoor panels are all about!)

Run some informative panels or discussions indoors, go host an activity out in the sunshine, earn a free badge - sounds like fun, right?

Please note that if you run all of your panels in a group, your group has only earned a single badge - not a badge for everyone within your group! But don't worry, there are ways to amend this. Continue reading!


If there's a group of 5 you hosting all 4 panel hours together, you will still only be compensated for one badge. However, keep in mind that your group will receive a compensated badge for every additional hour to follow. (4 hours = 1 badge; 5 hours = 2 badges; 6 hours = 3 badges) and so on. 

Do keep in mind that we compensate badges in cash for the original price you paid after you've fulfilled your hours. It's essentially a refund. So you're also free to just split the cash! If there are two of you, and you paid at the door, that's $25 back for each of you - a badge at half-price!


  • Please follow these instructions to guarantee your rightful badge compensation:
  • Register and pay as you ordinarily would.
  • Be at the designated location for your panels 15 minutes early. You will need to sign in for each panel.
  • Once your hours are fulfilled and documented by our staff, please notify the registration table/help desk during their designated hours to receive your fully compensated badge. We end all panels an hour before our registration table/help desk closes at 2 PM on Sunday, so every panelist who has fulfilled his/her requirement will be refunded.

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